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About Us

Valkhades Ayurvedic

Beside such factual description, we also want you to note that we are listed as the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Andheri where we collectively work under one roof and all of us are highly engaged in curing all those patients who are suffering from the following mentioned problems:

  • Spondylosis
  • Arthritis
  • Physical Pain
  • Joints and Spine problem
  • Hip pain treatment
  • Back problems
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Lower Back
  • Knee Pain

We cure everything from our Ayurvedic Natural Leps as well as extracted Oils treatment. Our natural methods of lep and oil are applied externally which promises to snatches away all the pains from a body especially from an applied specific points. These leps are especially invented by our Grandfather who is also known as the Master’s of bone setting Late Shri. RAOJI HARI VALKHADE. He was born and brought up at Varkhadwadi Village District Satara, Maharastra, India.

We feel honour and proud to provide our patient with ayurvedic treatment for that problem which you aren't able to find a cure even with help of western medicines. Moreover, we have all the skills and knowledge about nature by which it easier to extract natural medicines and provide you with a better way of recovering you from your pain. We are highly appreciated and recommended by our patient for their problem as our treatment bring relief permanent to our patient problem. We have dedicated and hardworking team of vaidya who are always have supported and helped their patient in their hard time.

Furthermore, we have spacious ground along with peaceful green surrounding where you will be happy and positive whenever you visit. Our treatment is provided from last many years and by which we have always heard better and quality response from our patient. With your support and help, we always focus on improving our services in future so that you are able to have a cure for a problem much sooner. So do visit our centre and bring a better change in your life.