Sciatica Treatment

Our farsighted vision or say the goals of providing the Sciatica Treatment in Andheri are to relieve pain along with all the neurological symptoms which are caused by a compressed nerve root. There are broader options that are present for sciatica treatment. This treatment is mainly recommended in conjunction with specific exercises.

Besides this, if a person is suffering from an acute sciatic pain then, the sickness can be easily cured with the heat or ice packs which help in alleviating a leg pain, especially in an initial phase. Most often, the Sciatica Treatment in Andheri is provided by a team of our skilled experts at a cost-effective budget where most often an ice or heat is applied for approximately 20 minutes and gets repeated for every two hours. Its totally depends on people's perception that most of the time they use ice first but then, on the other hand, they find more relief with heat in compliance with an ice.

Both of them can be alternated because of its recommended that its best to apply an ice with a help of soft cotton cloth placed between an ice and skin so as to avoid an ice burn. Besides this, we also recommend the medicines so that a person may recover faster within a shortest possible time.

It has seen that more than 10 Million cases registered per year related to sciatica problem. In sciatica pain goes from low back pain with a pain radiation through down one leg. Further leg pain frequently goes past the knee and might go to the foot eventually. The weakness which is seen in your leg muscles and limping can be an indication of sciatica. We perform our Sciatica Treatment in Andheri in complete ayurvedic and natural way by making use of a product which doesn't involve any chemical in it. Moreover, you can make use of ice with help of cotton cloth to get relief from pain.

Furthermore, with our treatment, we have always able to control the pain of our patient. Our patient has to build confidence in treatment which is offered by an experienced and professional vaidya in our clinic. We have all the knowledge and skills to provide you with one of the Best Sciatica Treatment in Andheri at an affordable cost and according to your budget. To identify the symptoms related to sciatica you have to concentration on following:

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Hard bowel movement
  • Weakness in legs

All such symptoms of sciatica can be fought by our methods and techniques which we use to cure it within your body.